New Electrical Infrared Thermography Inspection Requirements for 40 Year Recertifications

Inspections are an important part of the real estate process, as they give buyers and investors the opportunity to get a closer look at the condition of a property. Inspectors are limited to what they can visually see during the inspection, but there is a technology that provides another layer of visibility. Evolve Property Inspections uses this technology, known as infrared thermal imaging, to give our inspectors the ability to detect issues that could otherwise be missed. Let’s take a look at why this is important, and what the technology can and cannot do.

Thermal imaging inspection

Infrared Energy Facts

Evolve Property Inspectors uses state-of-the-art equipment such as infrared thermal imaging to identify issues that we would otherwise miss. Infrared energy is not detectable to the human eye but is the part of the light spectrum that we perceive as heat. Every object with a temperature above absolute 0 gives off thermal energy. Our residential and commercial Certified Master Inspectors are equipped with thermal imaging cameras to read or detect the thermal energy emitted from different objects.

What An Infrared Camera Can And Cannot Do

A thermal imaging camera cannot see through walls, cabinets, flooring, or concrete, but rather it detects differences in the surface temperatures of a material. Infrared cameras don’t actually measure the temperature, but levels of infrared radiation that are emitted and are then converted into temperature by the camera. The differences in temperature are a clue to the inspector that further investigation is warranted by a qualified professional.

What Issues Thermography Can Identify

Interpreting infrared images must be done by an inspector who has been trained and certified in thermography, and Evolve Property Inspections is a Level 1 Infrared-Certified Thermographer. Properly interpreted infrared images can identify issues such as damaged, wet, or missing insulation. They can also indicate the presence of moisture caused by a leak. Infrared thermography can also uncover air infiltration and exfiltration. These are just a few examples of possible findings by thermography during home and property inspections.

Updated Guidelines for 40 Year Building Recertifications

There have been recent revisions to the forty-year building recertification general considerations and guidelines by the Miami-Dade Court Board of Rules and Appeals. For example, buildings with electrical systems operating at 400 or more amps must provide an infrared thermography inspection with a written report of the electrical equipment such as busways, switchgear, panelboards, exhaust fans, and more. These inspections must be performed by a certified infrared thermographer.

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