Protect Your Miami Home Against Water Intrusion and Damage

Miami—and the rest of Florida for that matter—is virtually surrounded by water. Water gives life, allows people to enjoy recreation and exercise, and sounds soothing as rain falls or ocean waves crash. Unfortunately, water can also be incredibly destructive. At Evolve Property Inspections, we’ve seen plenty of issues resulting from water intrusion. Therefore, this article covers how to quickly spot problems and protect your home from them.

Protect Your Miami Home Against Water Intrusion and Damage

Water Intrusion Causes

Water intrusion and damage occur due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Leaking or burst pipes

  • Sewer line issues

  • Storm damage to roofs

  • Flooding

  • Aged homes that require updates

Water Intrusion Consequences

Whatever the cause, water doesn’t take long to cause property damage. Equally important, sitting water and moisture propagate mold growth. Consequently, some molds pose health risks, especially to those with respiratory issues. If you suspect a mold issue in your home, schedule a mold inspection with a Certified Master Inspector.

In addition to mold growth, moist wood attracts termites. As you probably know, termite infestations can ultimately result in structural issues. If you spot termite swarms, shed wings, waste, or fine wood particles, termites already made your house their home. The best way to understand the extent of the issue or put your mind at ease is to request a termite inspection.

Proactive Protection Against Water Intrusion

Homeowners can take several steps to avoid water damage. First, always prepare your home when the weather service issues a hurricane or storm warning. Second, resolve any areas you know to have issues before the condition worsens. Third, make the appropriate updates and repairs to older homes.

Homebuyers can also be proactive. Once an offer is accepted, you can obtain several inspections to ensure the structural stability of the home and its ability to withstand things like wind and moisture. Of course, insurance companies typically require these inspections, anyway:

The good news is that inspection report findings often result in insurance premium discounts. Moreover, they inform you as to what repairs or replacements are in the foreseeable future. This information helps to plan and budget to cover expenses. 

Inspections for All Your Residential Needs

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