When Insurance Requires A Roof Certification

Does your roof need to be inspected for certification? Typically, a home will need a roof certification when the insurance company believes the roof will need to be replaced soon. If your roof has sustained damage or your insurance company needs a roof certification, you can trust the experts at Evolve Property Inspections. We’ll go over what you can expect with a roof certification inspection, as well as some other insurance inspections that are available if you need them.

Roof Certification Inspections

Why Do You Need a Roof Certification?

An insurance carrier will usually request a roof certification on a home when their documentation shows that the roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy. The certified roof inspectors at Evolve Property Inspections will evaluate your roof and provide you with a roof certification inspection report that you can hand off to your insurance agent.

What is Included in a Roof Inspection?

You will provide a copy of the permit for your roof, as well as copies of any work completed on your roof. The roof certification will take about an hour to complete, and then Evolve Property Inspections will provide a roof certification document and photos of your roof. If you aren’t able to locate the permit for your roof, we will estimate the useful life remaining on your roof and include that in the report documentation. 

Other Insurance Inspections You May Need 

There are other inspections frequently requested by insurance companies, and Evolve Property Inspections can provide those as well. If your insurance company requests a wind mitigation inspection or a 4-point inspection, our certified inspectors can get those done for you. Some insurance companies will discount up to 45% off the regular premium price, so be sure and ask your company about the possibility of receiving a discount on your insurance with the purchase of qualifying insurance inspections.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

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