What Inspections Do Florida Homeowners Need?

Florida is a very desirable place to live, but extra care must be taken for maintaining homes and properties along the coast. Evolve Property Inspections offers different types of inspections that Florida properties may require, including environmental inspections. Here are five inspections that could end up saving you from costly repairs and major inconvenience someday.

Pool & Spa Inspections

1. Sea Wall Inspections

Evolve Property Inspections specializes in seawall, dock, and pier inspections in Miami-Dade County, where many of the original seawalls are nearing the end of their serviceable life. Our third-party team will survey the seawall or near-water structure’s elevation, grading, soil properties, depth, materials, exposure to hydraulic pressure and levels, stability, and condition. Often an underwater inspection by a professional diver will uncover hidden problems that can be seen only underwater. We evaluate the condition of the seawall and provide an in-depth analysis of the overall viability and estimated lifespan of the structure, and will recommend required repairs. 

2. Sewer Line Inspections

Inspectors conducting pre-listing inspections, home inspections, or commercial property inspections cannot know for certain if the sewer line at the property is compromised. Evolve partners with a third party to offer this specialized inspection which uses cameras inserted into the main drain line to check for issues such as root intrusion, drain line blockages, or broken/cracked pipes. Repairing or replacing buried drain lines is costly and inconvenient. It pays to have this specialized inspection before the end of escrow.

3. Septic Tank Inspections

A septic tank inspection is a good way to avoid costly surprises that could completely ruin a sale. Our septic inspections are performed by a third-party licensed and insured septic inspections company, which will pump out the septic tank so it can be properly inspected. We evaluate the condition of the septic system and provide an in-depth analysis of the overall viability and estimated lifespan, and will recommend required repairs or replacement with an estimate of the cost.

4. Pool & Spa Inspections 

Evolve Property Inspections has been keeping families safe with our comprehensive pool and spa inspections since 2012. Both buyers and sellers need to take steps to ensure a pool is ready for use. We will look for any signs of leaks, damaged water lines, faulty drain covers, pumps, poor drainage, improper settlement of the pool deck, and any visible safety issues, among other things. Our inspection will provide an accurate appraisal of the pool and any necessary repairs and costs.

5. Termite Inspections

Did you know that Florida is one of the top nine states most at risk for termites? Even if a termite inspection is not required for your home purchase, it is strongly recommended that you protect yourself with one. Termites can be difficult to detect and can cause extensive damage to a home.

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