3 Ways a Thermal Imaging Inspection Could Benefit You

Infrared thermal imaging has emerged as a powerful tool to help inspectors detect issues that would otherwise be missed. Infrared energy is not detectable by the human eye and requires state-of-the-art equipment used by a certified thermographer to identify anomalies that might point to a hidden issue. Evolve Property Inspections offers level II infrared thermography inspections that could benefit you, whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager. Let’s look at three ways a thermal imaging inspection can help you.

Level II Infrared Thermography

1. Prevent Breakdowns in Electrical Systems

Thermal imaging can help identify electrical hotspots, overloaded circuits, and loose electrical connections that could lead to equipment damage, complete breakdowns, or worse, if left undetected. In fact, 40-year recertifications for buildings in Miami with electrical systems operating at 400 amperes or greater now require infrared thermography inspections. 

2. Identify Potential Moisture Problems 

Thermal imaging can help inspectors find hidden leaks in roofs, spots with moisture intrusion, and leaks in plumbing that might have otherwise gone undetected. This tool could potentially help save homeowners and business owners from incurring thousands of dollars in water damage, mold remediation, and structural damage to their properties. 

3. Increase Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings 

A thermal imaging inspection increases energy efficiency by uncovering problems that unknowingly use your energy resources. In addition to identifying water leaks, the inspector might find areas in your HVAC ductwork where air is escaping or there are blockages. Discovering any abnormalities can help you get the repairs you need to ensure your systems are all running efficiently and aren’t causing an increase in your utility bills.

Schedule Your Thermography Inspection

Infrared energy is part of the light spectrum we perceive as heat, and every object with a temperature above absolute zero gives off thermal energy. At Evolve Property Inspections, our residential and commercial Certified Master Inspectors have thermal imaging cameras to read or detect the thermal energy emitted from different objects. Contact us today at (305) 506-8969 to request a quote> or to schedule your inspection. We serve homeowners in Miami-Dade County and the surrounding areas of Kendall, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, and Broward County.