The Connection Between Home Inspections and Home Insurance

There are certain types of inspections you’ll need to have to secure homeowners insurance or renew your current policy. Insurance companies can be cautious about insuring a home that they believe to be a liability, especially an older one. However, when you present three specific types of completed home inspections by Evolve Property Inspections to your insurance company, you’ll likely earn their respect and a quick bid. Let’s take a look at the inspections that may be required before you qualify for homeowners insurance.

Insurance Home Inspections

4-Point Inspections

This inspection will likely be necessary to comply with insurance carrier requirements if your home was built more than 25 years ago. A 4-point inspection is much shorter than a complete home inspection, focusing primarily on certain aspects of the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roof. Your insurance company will determine if the home is insurable based on the inspection results. 

Wind Mitigation Inspection

As a resident of Florida, you understand the hazards of living in a region of the country that is prone to hurricanes and other tropical storms. A wind mitigation inspection may be required by your insurance company to determine the stability of your home’s structure in the event of high winds. The certified inspectors at Evolve Property Inspections will assess your home’s potential ability to withstand winds based on certain criteria, such as the roof’s age.

Roof Certifications 

If the roof on your home is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, your insurance company will probably request a roof certification. You will need to provide a copy of the permit for your roof and copies of the documentation for any work completed on your roof to the inspector. We would then provide a roof certification document and photos of your roof at the conclusion of the inspection.

Schedule Your Inspections 

When you are ready to shop for insurance, you can make the process smoother by proactively completing the right inspections by the certified inspectors at Evolve Property Inspections. We also provide single family home inspections, condo inspections, commercial inspections, and more. Contact us today at (305) 506-8969 to request a quote or to schedule your inspection. We serve homeowners in Miami-Dade County and the surrounding areas of Kendall, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, and Broward County with our inspection services.