Level II Infrared Thermography Helps Keep Buildings Safe

As buildings start to age, there have to be guidelines in place to ensure they are still safe for their occupants. There are new requirements throughout Miami that require 40-year-old buildings to get a special inspection to show they are safe, both structurally and electrically. Evolve Property Inspections can help commercial property owners with the 40-year recertification process through our level-II thermography inspections. Let’s talk about the importance of infrared thermal imaging and why this is now required for buildings to get recertified for safety.

Level II Infrared Thermal Imaging

How Does Infrared Thermal Imaging Work?

Infrared energy is not detectable to the human eye, but is part of the light spectrum that we perceive as heat. Every object with a temperature above absolute 0 gives off thermal energy that can be detected with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our certified master inspectors are equipped with thermal imaging cameras to read or detect the thermal energy emitted from different objects. When there are differences in the temperature of an object, the inspector knows to investigate further for the cause of that anomaly. 

Why Are Thermography Inspections Now Required?

As we have previously mentioned, there are new requirements for 40-year recertifications for infrared thermography inspections to determine whether or not a building’s structural and electrical systems are safe enough for the building to be continuously occupied. A level-II thermographer with the proper training, qualifications, and experience must perform the inspection. Only they are equipped to recognize and document thermal anomalies in electrical systems. The new requirement of these inspections is the best way to know that your building is safe, and to ensure that no potential issues are missed.

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