Level II Infrared Thermography: Don’t Miss Any Potential Issues

A home inspection is a valuable and vital tool in real estate, but it is not perfect. Even the most astute inspector could miss some potential issues simply due to the limitations of an inspection. Evolve Property Inspections offers level II infrared thermal imaging inspections to detect issues with our state-of-the-art equipment that could otherwise be missed during a normal inspection. Keep reading to learn how our investment in this expensive equipment will help you to protect your own investment. 

Level II Infrared Thermal Imaging

Facts About Infrared Energy

Did you know that infrared energy is not detectable to the human eye? Instead, it is part of the light spectrum that we perceive as heat. Every object with a temperature above absolute zero gives off thermal energy. The master inspectors at Evolve Property Inspections are equipped with thermal imaging cameras to detect the thermal energy emitted from different objects. Thermography helps us to understand more about a building and its components, as this technology has several different useful applications. 

What Exactly Does an Infrared Inspection Do?

A thermal imaging camera cannot see through walls, cabinets, flooring, or concrete, but it can detect differences in the surface temperatures of a material. These temperature differences are a clue to the inspector that further investigation is warranted by a qualified professional. They will check for any deviation such as a leak or missing insulation in that area. Thermography can also detect abnormally hot electrical components.

Level II Electrical Thermography

New requirements were recently established for 40-year building recertifications requiring infrared thermography inspections. For electrical systems operating at 400 amperes or greater, an infrared thermography inspection with a written report of the electrical equipment must be provided. The infrared thermography will be able to detect any abnormal heat patterns within the electrical equipment which would indicate possible defects. The infrared inspection of electrical equipment must be performed by a level II or higher certified infrared thermographer who is qualified and trained to recognize and document thermal anomalies in electrical systems.

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