5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For An Inspection

As a homeowner preparing to sell your home, you don’t need to go into the home inspection in reactive mode. There are things you can do to prepare your home for an inspection to help things go a little smoother. At Evolve Property Inspections, we understand that buying or selling a home can be fraught with stressful moments and decisions. Here are five things you can do to prepare for your home inspection and alleviate that stress a little.

Prepare your home for an inspection

1. Have Your HVAC System Serviced By a Professional

This is something you will want to have done in the year leading up to listing your house on the market. The HVAC contractor should check refrigerant levels, change air filters, clean the coils, and even change the thermostat batteries. Make sure that you have all the appropriate paperwork ready for the inspector to see.

2. Ensure Everything Is Working And Make Necessary Repairs

Check all of your light switches and replace any bulbs that are out. Test all of the locks and seals on your windows and make any necessary repairs. Check all of your plumbing fixtures for leaks that you can have repaired by the contractor of your choice prior to an inspection. Go ahead and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if you haven’t already done so in the last six months.

3. Test Your GFCI Outlets And Replace Faulty Ones

One of the most common issues found by inspectors is GFCI outlets that no longer work properly. They can go bad over time and fail to trip and reset the way that they should. You can purchase an inexpensive tester from a hardware store to test all of these outlets in your home.

4. Clean Gutters And Downspouts

Hopefully, you have been checking your gutters and downspouts as part of your routine maintenance. If not, then you will especially want to have them cleaned and checked prior to a home inspection. The inspector will make sure that water is draining away from your house as it should be.

5. Gather Your Paperwork For the Inspector

The home inspector will want to see documentation if you’ve had any major repairs or renovations done to your home. Have any building permits, plans, invoices, or warranties ready prior to the inspection. The more documentation you have, the better.

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