4 Signs That it’s Time for a Mold Inspection

Mold overgrowth in your home can wreak havoc on your health, causing literal and figurative headaches. Unfortunately, it may sometimes lurk in dark corners or behind walls for a while before you even know it’s there. At Evolve Property Inspections, our certified inspectors provide mold inspections and testing that will show you precisely what you are dealing with so that you can determine the best way forward. Let’s explore four signs indicating you need a mold inspection.

Mold Inspections

1. There Is Visible Mold Growth Present

If there is visible mold growing in the home you’re buying or selling, you will need to schedule a mold inspection. Our mold inspectors will recommend mold testing if they see the presence of mold. They will use special equipment to collect air and surface samples and send them to a certified laboratory for analysis.

2. You Experience Worsening Symptoms

Mold can trigger allergic reactions or even respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. Suppose you or anyone in your household experiences increased coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, or skin irritation that is not typical during allergy season. In that case, it might be time to check for mold growth. If you notice the symptoms worsening at home, then mold may very well be the culprit. 

3. You Smell Unusual Musty Odors 

Does your home have a persistent musty odor that is different from any other scents typical in your household? If you start to notice an earthy or musty smell in damp, poorly ventilated spaces within your home, such as your basement, bathroom, or attic, that could be a sign of hidden mold growth lurking nearby.

4. You’ve Had a Leak or Water Damage

If your home has sustained a leak or other type of water damage, it’s very possible that you could end up with mold overgrowth as a result. Mold can grow even after the leak or damage has been repaired. Unfortunately, water damage creates the ideal environment for mold to grow and thrive. Inspect these areas for any visible mold growth, and schedule an inspection if you aren’t sure.

Schedule Your Mold Inspection 

Evolve Property Inspections can take the guesswork out and help you determine if the home you’re buying or selling is at risk for mold overgrowth. In addition to mold inspections, we offer sea wall inspections, pool & spa inspections, commercial building inspections, and much more. Contact us today at (305) 506-8969 to request a quote or to schedule your inspection. We serve homeowners in Miami-Dade County and the surrounding areas of Kendall, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, and Broward County.